48 Hours in LA: YES to SUNSHINE!

My sorority sister recently moved to Los Angeles to jumpstart her legal career. She’s graduating from Mississippi College of Law this Spring with her J.D. Yay for her, right? How dope! She’s a mom, the owner of this blog, and almost a lawyer! YES, to being dope!

So, my sis texted me literally five days before my trip and asked if I’d like to join another one of her friends on an unplanned trip to LA for the weekend. I really wanted to think twice about it, but I so didn’t. My current read is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (YES, THEE SHONDA RHIMES, GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, #TGIT SHONDA RHIMES) and I’ve been inspired to say YES a little bit more this year. Seriously, this read is life-changing but that’s a whole notha’ blog post!

So I booked my $60 roundtrip flight from Chicago via Frontier Airlines. YES, $60! YES, to cheap flights! Please don’t sleep on Frontier’s prices. (If you want to join the affordable flights wave hit me up @latichetravels@gmail.com)

I arrived at LAX Saturday night at about 8:00pm. Our first stop in LA was of course TACOS! YES to Tacos! I love Tacos! Only I ended up getting a torta instead of tacos. I do that a lot. I’m so indecisive! Nevertheless, my torta was still amazing. Mexican food is a MUST in LA! A MUST! The food at Tacos Mexico in Downtown LA was to die for and they’re open 24 hours! YES to Good Food! YES to Flexibility!

My Steak Torta! Omgee, I love food!











So after finishing our tacos and tortas we accidently stumbled upon an Art Festival where we guzzled down tequila like it was juice. I love Tequila, it gives us such freedom! YES to Freedom! YES to Good Vibes and Good Drinks with Good People!

Everyone loves Tequila!














On Sunday morning, of course we did Brunch! If you love Brunch and mimosas, Bacari PDR in Playa Del Ray is the place to be when visiting LA. For $20 per person you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited mimosas and the food is amazing as well. I devoured the chipotle chicken wings and noa’s cauliflower. The cauliflower! Omgeee, amazing! YES, to Brunch! YES, to Positive Conversations with Positive People over Good Eats and Bottomless Mimosas!

My Chipotle Wings, Cauliflower, and Mimosa









We spent our Sunday afternoon hiking at Runyon Canyon for FREE! Yes to FREE Experiences! Yes To Taking The Road Less Traveled! Yes To Conquering Your Fears! I’m terrified of heights, but I DID IT! I hiked the hills and I looked down from above the city! What a sight to behold!





Sunday evening we visited Hollywood to star gaze and snack. Dinner at 33 Taps was blah, but of course I enjoyed my company. Seeing the stars on the Blvd reminded me to never stop dreaming and doing. My journey is yet unfolding and my story is far from finished. YES to DREAMS! YES to the JOURNEY! YES, to Being All That You Can Be!




On Monday morning, my last day in the city, we headed to the Venice Beach for sun, fun, lunch, and of course more drinks! Venice was interesting and so full of culture! On the Venice Boardwalk, it’s just different! You have the skateboarders, the musicians, the weightlifters, the beach babes, the artists, the hustlers. It’s just different! YES, to Culture! YES, to being DIFFERENT!










This year remember to embrace your NOW and say YES a tad bit more than you did last year. YES, to surrounding yourself with positive people who want to experience positive things with you! YES, to new experiences! YES, to enjoying yourself! YES, to living life by your own standards! YES, to your ultimate self!

XoXo Love Latiche’

TJE Presents: Wine and Onesies The Virtual Affirmation Event

Tonight at 9:00pm tune in on TJE’s Facebook and Twitter to join us in The Virtual Affirmation Event. Once the affirmations are created we will put them in a decorative mason jar for preparation of a daily read beginning January 1, 2017.

Some of you are probably thinking to yourself, “What are affirmations”? An affirmation is simply a statement affirming something. The obvious goal is to create positive affirmations, however, if you are not deliberate with your vocabulary you may end up creating negative affirmations.

For example, someone who wants to have more money may create an affirmation stating “I want to get out of debt”. That may seem like a positive affirmation but it actually works against you because the focus of the affirmation is on debt. A positive way to affirm this desire is to say “I am so happy and grateful now that I am financially abundant”. That statement affirms your real desire in the present tense so that you will begin living your desire in the now. If you attempt to affirm something in a future manner, it is likely that you will never reach that desire because you never experience the future. Your experiences only occur in the now.

If you are not grasping this concept or if you are eager for more information about this subject PLEASE TUNE IN TONIGHT! During the live feed I will be discussing how to create positive affirmations more in depth and I invite your comments and/or questions.

Many of you may feel that writing 365 affirmations is a lot of work. Be that as it may, I am a firm believer that you get back what you put out. However, since I really love you guys, I have provided 100 downloadable D.O.P.E. general affirmations that will assist you during your take off! See ya at the event tonight 🙂

365 Affirmations for 365 Days_

Don’t Be a Contradiction to Your Desires

What are some of your deepest desires? Close your eyes and briefly imagine something that if you achieved or received NOW, it would ignite your soul… Now that you’ve imagined it, can you honestly say that you haven’t been a contradiction to your desire(s)? If not that’s great but if you have, this is something that you may NOW want to be conscious about.

We all possess deep desires whether we share them with others or not. Some desires may be viewed as being on a larger scale of things such as being a millionaire while others are perceived smaller such as keeping a steady job. What ever your desire is, you may be blocking it by being a direct contradiction to it. One way of being a contradiction, is having resentment for others who’ve already achieved the desire you want. If you are not happy for those who already have what you want or who is already where you aspire to be, you are continuously pushing it further and further away from coming directly to you!

For example, lately on my timeline I have been seeing many people getting married or engaged, getting accepted to the school of their choice, getting offered amazing dream jobs, etc. Resulting from those wonderful experiences, I have also been seeing many others who are bitter because they are not yet married nor engaged or receiving what they deeply desire. By sending negative vibes, whether verbally voicing them or internally thinking them, you are keeping the vibration of lack heavily in your experience. You can also push them away by thinking low thoughts such as your desire being unattainable.

Most people are familiar with the introductory version of “The Law of Attraction” which basically says you will experience what you focus on. So if you want to get rich then you shouldn’t have hateful thoughts based on those who are wealthy. If you want to be married you shouldn’t harbor negative feelings towards someone else who is married. You can’t receive your inner desire unless you are happy for them because then your focus is set on achievement rather than the lack of it. Have faith in knowing that what GOD has for you, it is specifically for you and someone else receiving their blessing will not strike you from receiving yours! If you are NOW aware that you are in fact contradicting your desires, don’t feel bad about it. The good thing is that you can change your thoughts NOW. Start using affirmations to help change your beliefs.

“When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don’t contradict your desires.. Think about what you have asked for, and make sure that your actions are mirroring what you expect to receive, and that they’re not contradicting what you‘ve asked for. Act as if you are receiving it. Do exactly what you would do if you were receiving it today, and take actions in your life to reflect that powerful expectation. Make room to receive your desires, and as you do, you are sending out that powerful signal of expectation.― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Many spiritual teachers have spoke about this subject but here’s a clip from one of my favorite authors! Listen to it and comment your thoughts below! What are some desires that you have been a contradiction to?

A Very Social Anti-Social Person

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“Her blog is sooo dope, but she doesn’t post as much as I would like.”

“I haven’t seen her out much any more.”

“She promoted a lot for her party but it seems like she fell off.”

“I like her posts, but she needs way more variety.”

Above are some of the many statements that one can say about me or my blog. The interesting thing is that I am very conscious about the statements that can be said because I agree. I am aware of all of my pros and cons about my blog but for a while I have been struggling to manage a healthy balance. The good thing is that I can only go up from here 🙂

I’ve been told that I am a very social anti-social person. (A contradiction I know!) The social part of me is being a blogger and a great friend that loves to inspire great discussions amongst others. The anti social part of me comes along with being a mother and a student. Being a mother is my busiest role because it never stops or pauses. This is not a complaint because this is also my most valuable role. Some people don’t understand the time commitment that being a parent requires. Many don’t realize that you may not be able to go places spontaneously because of lack of a sitter or plans already made with your child.

Being a law student takes the remainder of my time. Any law student can be a witness that law school is not an easy task! Again, I am not complaining about any of this because all of my roles are blessing but the fact remains that I am always busy. The mother and student roles contribute to my anti social vibes but I am going to now challenge this. Moving forward, I am going to transition all of my roles towards becoming more social. I recognize that people want to relate to me more. Many believe that my blog is dope but they wonder why I don’t post more frequently.

The lack of balance is why i don’t tweet or post on instagram as much. But one thing I can say is that I appreciate all of my supporters because when I do post I can see the views, stats, and the comments. However, follow me on all social media where I will be giving you more insights on my life.Thanks for your support on this journey and with continued faith it will only get doper.

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Most of us were told at an early age “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up”. Your parent, kindergarten teacher, or church member may have told you this. However, whether you believed them or not was key! I’m not exactly sure who the first person was to tell Natasha Scruggs’ this but she took this statement and ran with it.

Natasha Scruggs is a 25-year-old St. Louis native who is destined to be a criminal defense lawyer this year with assurance from receiving her Juris Doctorate about a week ago. With plans for being an advocate for justice at an early age, she developed many proactive methods of how she could best serve her community with the fight for equality for the oppressed population. In April, Natasha launched her website “NatashaScruggs.com” to promote her entire brand and future releases including “The Scruggs Law Firm” dropping this winter, her non-profit organization “Project Scruggs Heart, Inc”, and her television & film company “Scruggs Vision Productions, LLC”.

The projects above are expected to be released later this year during winter season. However, her very affordable product line “Truth Tees” that is designed with various thought provoking messages including “Freedom”, “Historic”, “Not Guilty”, and “SheEO” are available NOW on the site!

Truth Tees
Truth Tees

Watch the interview below to hear Natasha’s insight on what inspired her evolution on the many distinct concepts for her merchandise.

Did I mention that Natasha ( I call her Tasha) is my cousin? I am so proud of all her accomplishments because I have been a witness of all the trials and tribulations that she has encountered on this journey. No matter how hard things were, she still believed in her vision! If you were not told that cliche truth when you were little, it’s not too late to believe it now. “You can be whatever you want to be”!  I copped my merch from NatashaScruggs.com. When are you getting yours??? #ShopNatashaScruggs.com

Instagram/Twitter: @_Lawyher
Instagram & Twitter: @_Lawyher