A Lack of Money or Lack of a Mate: 3 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is exactly ONE day away. Many have already celebrated but there are some who haven’t. Those SOME are probably the ones who are procrastinating making any and every excuse there is in the book. This post is for the excuse makers, those who choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of a lack of money and those who choose to be bitter and not to celebrate because of lack of a mate.

Not Celebrating Because of a Lack of Money

One of my biggest pet peeves is when your man (significant other) forgets a special occasion that only happens once a year. For example, your birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries etc. You literally have a complete 365 days to prepare for the special occasion so there’s simply NO EXCUSE. One of the most popular excuses that people use for not celebrating a special moment is having a lack of money.

Again, unless there was a recent tragedy that occurred that cost you all of your money, and YOUR MIND, THERE STILL IS NO EXCUSE. Not doing anything with or for your significant other shows a lack of thoughtfulness. Whether you are currently financially abundant or not, you can still show your loved one that you care. Below is my list of Top 3 wonderful things that you can do for your mate that costs little to no funds at all.

  1. Write a Love Letter

Whether you’ve been with your lover for 3 years or just approaching 5 months, a letter revealing how much you appreciate them is always a winner! Some things you can include are your goals for the relationship, something positive you’ve always wanted to tell them but haven’t yet, your admiration and support you have for them etc.

2.  Connect around Beautiful Nature

If you live in a beautiful state filled with gorgeous scenery such as the beach, lake front, mountains, etc set a nature date with your mate enjoying each other’s company while watching the sun set. While you’re there you can also take some cute memorable photos, have a feast, and even make some relationship affirmations and/or vision board. The possibilities are endless. And if you think you live in a state where there is absolutely no beautiful scenery, I’m almost positive that you’re wrong! Ask around or Google beautiful scenery near you!

3.  Cook Their Favorite Meal

Find a free venue such as your home or their home and before they arrive prepare their favorite meal. Set the mood with a candle lit table, wine, rose pedals, or other creative decorations. (A more dope suggestion is to decorate the house into a special destination where your mate have always wanted to go or where you guys first met and/or fell in love.) When they arrive escort them to the table and serve them. After they’re nice and full, you can further show your appreciation by providing them with a private dance/performance. (This is totally up to you depending on your comfort level with your loved one.)

An alternative thing that you can do, is gift them with hand made or printable love coupons that they can start utilizing immediately. You can also play stimulating couple games that will assist in connecting deeper with one another. Remember, the most valuable part of being in a relationship is connecting, so get creative!

Choosing to be Bitter and Not Celebrating Because of Lack of a Mate

I believe that everyone is aware that Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday like many others and can be celebrated any and everyday. The point is that some people choose to celebrate this holiday, while others choose not to. If you choose the latter that is perfectly fine but if you choose to be bitter, feeling that you don’t have an option to celebrate because of lack of a mate, you are displacing your energy. To be bitter or to feel lack is a choice alternative to choosing to be happy and fulfilled. That choice is a complete contradiction to what you really want. Below is my list of the top 3 wonderful ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day solo.

  1. Write a Letter Specifying the Qualities You Desire in a Mate

So often, many express that they want a companion but when asked what characteristics they want their companion to possess, they are generally unsure. Take the time to write out all the specifics you want your mate to have. How do you want them to look, treat you, connect with you etc? How do you want their mind set to be? The only way to attract what you really want is to know what you really want. This is a great exercise that will take you one step closer to attracting the mate you desire.

2.  Take Your Self on an Amazing Date

Stop contemplating/making excuses and get up, get dressed, and take your self out on an amazing date. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? The time to do it is now! Trust me, it is perfectly fine to date yourself once and a while. If you don’t enjoy spending time with yourself how can you expect someone else to?  (If you are not yet comfortable going out solo, invite your friends out or even take your kids out. As long as you’re celebrating love you’re on the right track.)

3.  Stay In and Cook Your Favorite Meal 

You can use this day to cook your favorite meal; cook something that makes your insides internally grateful. After completion, you should break out your wine & favorite snacks to begin watching your favorite love movies. My favorites include Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Titanic, Brown Sugar, The Notebook, The Best Man, The Brothers…. the list goes on and on.

Whatever you decide to do on this day choose thoughts that serve you in a positive way. Know that it is okay if you don’t have a mate to celebrate with. If having a mate is something that you truly desire know that you can attract one into your life using similar exercises that I revealed above. However, being bitter is not the way! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!







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  1. This post is great information for those who have not taken time to celebrate. Celebrating others is celebrating yourself. Love is in the air don’t you smell it ? I plan to taste it

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