After Triggers Come Growth

In the now, I release all judgment. Judgment that is cast upon me from others and judgment that I have cast upon myself. I am no longer there because I am here in the now. In the now I am safe. 

The affirmations above are how I began typing this blog post at 4:00 am on December 19, 2020. A few hours before, I was feeling very triggered. The deep part is, it was only me triggering myself. In the past, I have been around energies that no longer served me resulting in me feeling very triggered. But this time there is nothing or no one that my ego can choose to blame for this incident. 

By now I know and you should know, that we hold all the answers to our problems that we create. I’m choosing my words very wisely because it is what it is. We create our own problems because there are no problems when we are in the receptive mode of God. Although we know this, we often find ourselves in the same position because we don’t take the time to master what we are already aware of. Ok, that was a quick READ for you! And if it doesn’t apply to you, all is well; I am talking to myself in the now. 

Why did I not apply the knowledge that I know to be true when I was in the field being triggered? Why am I still being social when God commanded me to be STILL???? These are not questions of judgment but more so, questions of growth. In order to grow, we must take action.

The action that we take should be action inspired directly from God, instead of action on autopilot from our triggers. -The Dopest Blogger Alive

Now that I have accessed the power of now everything is clear. When feeling triggered I can choose to take it all the way back to the basics. Back to the knowledge that I learned in the beginning stages of my spirituality. I can make a mental list of easy things for me to remember to rise above my triggers. When triggered, many of us forget and/or abandon all of the deep God-like knowledge that we possess. We must accept and remember that we are ALWAYS AND FOREVER CONNECTED TO SOURCE.

Many of us are being shown how important it is to learn how to balance our energy. Many have been triggered without knowing how to move through or after that energy. Here is my mental checklist created to assist me in rising above my personal triggers. May this list, assist you along with your personal list that I inspire you to create for yourself. 

  1. Talk to God Out Loud

With this exercise, I encourage you to be bold and execute this step no matter where you are or who’s around you. It’s as simple as this, would you rather stay fucked up from your triggers because you are defensive about spectators around you while you’re having a real moment? Or you travel your thoughts to the future, being too scared of being seen talking to your creator because you know you will be embarrassed after your triggers pass. If you would do any one of the scenarios above, choosing not to fully execute this step because of the said reasons, you shouldn’t judge yourself. However, you should challenge yourself towards growth because you do have the option to be deeply rooted in the now by releasing energy that no longer serves you directly to God. 

Now of course, if you are able to do this step simply in your head that’s amazing but if you are triggered to the point where you know you need to get out of your head, talking directly to God out loud will definitely ground you in the now.  

Some examples of things you could say to God are: “God I am thankful for the message in the now”; “God can you please guide my breathing and movement in the now?” “God right now I may not be in alignment in this exact moment but I know that you can easily guide me back there because I am directly connected to you”.

Some examples of things you can say to yourself (the God within) are “I am safe” ; “Right now all is well”; “I am divinely connected and protected”. “Everything is working out for my highest good”. “I am alive and I am breathing”. “The past is over and I am fully present in the moment.”

What are some other things that can be said to God in the heat of being triggered?

2. Basic Breathing/Imagining 

Closing your eyes breathing in and out feeling your breath run down from your chest to your toes. While slowly breathing in and out it is beneficial to imagine yourself being and feeling safe. You can use the latest memory of you being safe or you can create a new safe vision on the spot. I really vibe with this step because imagination is the key to moving mountains. Imagination is a part of active faith. If you imagine yourself to safety God will guide your steps directly there. 

3. Stretching

When you are feeling triggered it is a good idea to get the body moving in a natural flow. You should start by doing whatever feels good to you in the now. Stretch without deep thought. Some examples of stretches you can do are, holding your arms straight out like an airplane for 10-15 seconds while taking deep breaths. Another good one is to roll your neck slowly clockwise and then counterclockwise. If you are someone who has implemented daily exercise and yoga into your life then your natural stretches may be more in-depth. However, there is no right or wrong here. If you can remember to stretch this will likely distract your mind from thinking about or feeling the emotion that triggered you. 

4. Silence

At this point in my spiritual journey, I recognize that Silence is a privilege. It’s a most wanted privilege for me.  I could never get enough of silencing my thoughts or being still, deciphering which thoughts are mine deriving from source or which ones belong to the ego. Sometimes when you are triggered you may be so riled up that you are having a hard time reaching the privilege of silence. Your thoughts are so loud or your body is so out of alignment that being silent may be more harmful to you than good. My advice is to go the ease route. If you can turn off everything and sit in silence, or distance yourself from the crowd to just be, it is recommended. This is honestly a step that I desire to master. I desire the ability to stop all thoughts on my immediate command. Whew, that just gave me chills. This is my new affirmation! I have the ability to access silence whenever I want to. I can hear God clearly. I am able to stop thinking when I feel like it. 

Triggers pop up here and there when you are on your journey. Don’t be stuck in them, instead prepare yourself by practicing how to overcome them in the now!

What does growth after being triggered look like? It looks like not judging or blaming anything or anyone for the isolated incidents. It feels like being receptive to the message that God wants you to receive about being triggered. When you are standing in your triggers it may feel as if you are stuck and you won’t reach the point of growth but that is not true. 

When feeling triggered it may be helpful to shut the mind down instead of going to deeper depths, unlocking the root causes of what triggered you. Now, this all depends on how deeply you are triggered. This information is for those who experience triggers and your only goal is to come back to the now. 

For me,  following the thought or emotion that initially triggered me is not helpful at all. I know logically when you read this statement you may feel that it is a DUH statement. However, remember when you are truly triggered without mastery of getting yourself out of it, you may forget this and go down a rabbit hole of your thoughts. 

“Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you”-Wayne Dyer

I love you all. I hope that this D.O.P.E. post helps you rise above your triggers and take you to a place where you can healthily grow from them. 

Love Always,

“Losing Friends” Can Increase Your Self Love

That title is slick clickbait, WELCOME. You can never lose what’s meant to be.

As you begin or mature on your spiritual journey, you will naturally separate from many people. It’s like a universal force, that’s moving on your behalf placing you exactly where you need to be to receive that blessing you asked for; to experience that experience you desire, etc. We have a deep comfort in our old or current relationships. ( I know I did) But we must be willing to grow.

The statement “No New Friends” may be toxic and no longer serve you. However, some of your old friends may serve a specific purpose and you should no longer try to force them into being how you want them to be.

“Losing Friends” is a common theme once you hit your late 20s. During your growing years, you may lose friends or go in and out of different phases with certain friends. However, by your late 20’s you think that the friends who are there, are the ones who are going to last a lifetime. At least that was my thinking.

As you grow, your vibration will continue to rise and may differ from those who were once close to you. And at that point, the Universe (you) naturally does its thing. Separating you from lower frequencies and connecting you to more vibrational matches.

For example: When a developing woman no longer embodies the low vibrational energy to attract men on the lower frequencies, she will then rise to a place where she will only see or start seeing, more men who are of the quality that she truly desires.

Everything is about energy and the world that you are experiencing, is a vibrational match to the exact energy that you are exemplifying.

Since “losing friends” is an inevitable part of growth on your journey there are certain mindsets that I believe you should adopt. Instead of believing that you lost a friend, believe that you gained insight and received a shift.

This will only happen if you learn

How To Lovingly Release People.

The last friendship that I released, I literally used these exact words “I lovingly release you”.

You must remember that all relationships including your friendships are a reflection of yourself. Again, you are currently attracting the energy or currently rising above it. Either way, as a conscious being it is not of truth to go from truly loving someone to automatically hating them.

If your “love” has an opposite, then it is not love but a strong ego-need for a more complete and deeper sense of self, a need that the other person temporily meets. It is the ego’s substitue for salvation and for a short time it almost does feel like salvation. Chapter 8 Enlightened Relationships pgs.151-152 “The Power of Now” -Eckhart Tolle

After a fallout, separation, or whatever you want to call it, if you loved that person then you should release them with love. If all of a sudden, the love you had for the person turns into you gossiping about them or attempting to sabotage them, then it was never 100% genuine in the first place.

On our journey to evolving consciousness, we no longer have to have dramatic fallouts, we can simply RELEASE THEM WITH LOVE- THE DOPEST BLOGGER ALIVE

After my brother transitioned from this physical plane and while preparing to marry my now husband, I was not expecting to let go of any friends. We are not in charge of when it’s time to let people go. Releasing people is a spiritual practice. So you must do it in a way that serves you rather than hindering you.

Personally, the friend I released was one of my closest friends with whom I have been connected with since my college days. She was more like family than a friend. Even though the situation was very hurtful for me at the time, I could only send love to her vibrationally cause that’s all I had/have to give. Even more so, from being in a sensitive place from my brother’s transformation, God told me it was time to release her with love.

As you know, I love to give action steps on the advice I give. These particular action steps are new ways of thinking. So here it goes. (This information applies to family, associates, etc.)

3 Ways To Lovingly Release Someone

  1. Letting people, things, and situations go is a natural part of our life cycle.

We have to learn to release all attachments that we have in life period. Our life should operate pretty identically to how our bodies operate. (A really deep book that explains this in depth is Deepak Chopra’s Book of Secrets.) Imagine if our bodies held on to everything that we absorbed, never letting things go. We would be at the least constipated and mentally ill. Your bowel system and your mind have to move freely for your health.


I easily go with the natural flow of the universe.

I accept the now and I fully live in the now.

I learn valuable lessons from all of my past and current relationships.

That relationship was an experience and I detach from the outcome.

2. When you are against something you are against yourself and against the entire universe.

I can’t remember who exactly I learned this from but almost all of the OG spiritual teachers have said this in one way or another. Simply speaking the negative feelings you are harboring against another won’t serve you. And since others are reflections of yourself those negative feelings are against yourself. It makes perfect sense when you break it down. It’s the same thing as you get back what you put out. Why should you get out of alignment because of something that is no longer natural in your universe? Specifically, speaking why should you be out of alignment with a relationship that you’ve energetically outgrown? Release it.

Action step: When you naturally think of them send them love.

There was a habit created when you communicated with this person daily or however so often. So of course you will naturally think of them at times. If you have love to give, send it to them vibrationally. At the very least, when thoughts come up send love to yourself.


I am thankful for those who are meant to be with me in the now and I lovingly release all friendships/relationships that are no longer a vibrational match to me.

Change is inevitable, I embrace change with joy and ease.

3. Level Up Your Friendship with Yourself i.e. Be Your Own Bestfriend

It’s a known history that when a women breaks up with her man, she starts glowing the fuck up quickly. That’s because most of the time we deal with our real emotions and then we start loving ourselves and having time for ourselves. Well, that’s the same for any relationship.

We all know that at the end of the day, it is you and you alone who think the thoughts that are in your head. We also know that we were born alone and that is how we will transition. So it is time to be your own best friend. Let the relationship with yourself take your number one spot and then all the other relationships will be vibrational matches to your energy.


I love spending time alone.

When I am in silence truth is revealed and I learn so much about myself.

I always prioritize my relationship with myself.

I fill myself up with love and it is easy to spread the love to others.

Going back to the title of this blog, you CAN INCREASE YOUR SELF-LOVE after releasing any relationship if you do the work to shift your mind. There is no need to suffer especially since life will remove any attachments that we cling to anyway.

Love Always,

The Juicy Book Club ft. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is a book that I revisit often. I actually have the application of each law on my vision board. It is a 37-page book but it is a book of comprehension and not of completion. Meaning, you shouldn’t just read it and throw it back on your dusty bookshelf with all the other books that you have read but not applied. The spiritual laws that are discussed in the book are universal laws that are timeless; they are always relevant now.

I have tested these laws out myself. I have also done Deepak’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success 21-day meditation on youtube. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) In 2019, I grabbed a few of my friends to undergo a 7-week study, evaluating a different law each week. It was very exhilarating and expanded the minds of many others.

This particular post is about the second law, The Law of Giving.

“This law could also be called the Law of Giving and Receiving because the universe operates through dynamic exchange.”-Deepak Chopra

Without further ado let’s get into the Law of Giving with The Juicy Book Club.

The Juicy Book Club will be reviewing a new book soon. If you want to be a part of the Juicy Book Club make sure you subscribe to the blog with your email. Also like, comment, and subscribe to my youtube channel.

-Love Always, The Dopest Blogger Alive

Release Self Limitations That YOU Put On Your Dreams

Being overwhelmed mentally and thinking that I had to keep up with society’s standards of blogging have kept me away from my love which is blogging. But now I am wise enough to know that (excuse my language) I can do whatever the fuck I want to do. I don’t have to post a blog post every single week or every month if I don’t have the mental energy for it. Me dropping a blog post is like one of your favorite artists dropping an album because most of my posts resonate with your consciousness. Because this has been a constant inner battle for a while, I completely withdrew my energy and that is not fair to me or to the people who really need my energy. When I blog, I feel free af and I can honestly say that although I have found my inner happiness from doing my inner work over the years, I haven’t really felt as free as I did when I was blogging. Freedom is one of the main themes of my life.

I won’t promise that I will abide by societal standards of blogging but I can say that I’m happy to be here in the now with you. I AM a CONSCIOUS BLOGGER. Two things were certain when I started TJE, my love for music, specifically underground music, and my spiritual journey to higher consciousness. I never really established or solidified that TJE was a conscious blog but if I review the past, that’s exactly what it is. That’s what I’ve been on since the beginning. One of the very first posts that I wrote about, was the secret and the law of attraction and that was in 2011 when many were not hip to it. The way I wrote my interview questions was all geared towards elevating consciousness. Because I created TJE for my inner freedom and for the love of blogging/ writing I never knew to make FREEDOM my niche. I’ve been hoarding D.O.P.E. blog topics, inspiring photos, and life-changing experiments because at times I have been mentally overwhelmed.

“Swear that’s my dream, but he too blind to see that
If you doin’ what he love in his freetime
Then his dream already happened” -Big Sean “Everything That’s Missing

I never once in my head gave up on TJE but I had the false belief that life would slow down for me so that I would be able to blog more. I now know that I have to create the time and space for blogging. So if you have a dream or certain desires the time is now. Start working on it when you feel aligned. Don’t worry about the fact that you can’t finish it right now. Don’t worry about the fact that you only gave one hour to your dream today. You have to build up the momentum for creating time and space for your inner desires. You may think that you are living your dream once the milli hits the bank account or once you go viral but living your dream is living in the now on your journey. 

So RELEASE any and all SELF-limitations that YOU put on your DREAMS.

I have. I did.


-Love Always The Dopest Blogger Alive

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KVTheWriter Drops New Album “Unplugged”

KvTheWriter is a St.Louis artist on the rise with an artistic expression that creates an automatic buzz every time she drops new art. From writing poetry and raps since a child, KV is no stranger to expression. She first appeared on The Juicy Expressions very own “We Hustle Cypher” as a poet before she was an actual artist. KV uses her music to help her heal through trauma from losing both her dad and brother to gun violence in St.Louis.

I sat down with KvTheWriter to discuss her new album “Unplugged” in detail. Check out the interview below and support her journey. There are many ways to support this independent artist. Kv is a published author so you can purchase her poem book “Of Magic and Madness“. You can also go to KVTHEWRITER.COM to purchase Unplugged directly.

My favorite track on this album is “Stormy Waters” because it discusses dealing with uncertainty through troubled times. That’s something that many of us can relate to. Watch the interview below and comment your favorite track on the album.

The Dopest Blogger Alive X KVTHEWRITER

@thedopestbloggeralive @Kvthewriter