KVTheWriter Drops New Album “Unplugged”

KvTheWriter is a St.Louis artist on the rise with an artistic expression that creates an automatic buzz every time she drops new art. From writing poetry and raps since a child, KV is no stranger to expression. She first appeared on The Juicy Expressions very own “We Hustle Cypher” as a poet before she was an actual artist. KV uses her music to help her heal through trauma from losing both her dad and brother to gun violence in St.Louis.

I sat down with KvTheWriter to discuss her new album “Unplugged” in detail. Check out the interview below and support her journey. There are many ways to support this independent artist. Kv is a published author so you can purchase her poem book “Of Magic and Madness“. You can also go to KVTHEWRITER.COM to purchase Unplugged directly.

My favorite track on this album is “Stormy Waters” because it discusses dealing with uncertainty through troubled times. That’s something that many of us can relate to. Watch the interview below and comment your favorite track on the album.

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48 Hours in LA: YES to SUNSHINE!

My sorority sister recently moved to Los Angeles to jumpstart her legal career. She’s graduating from Mississippi College of Law this Spring with her J.D. Yay for her, right? How dope! She’s a mom, the owner of this blog, and almost a lawyer! YES, to being dope!

So, my sis texted me literally five days before my trip and asked if I’d like to join another one of her friends on an unplanned trip to LA for the weekend. I really wanted to think twice about it, but I so didn’t. My current read is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (YES, THEE SHONDA RHIMES, GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, #TGIT SHONDA RHIMES) and I’ve been inspired to say YES a little bit more this year. Seriously, this read is life-changing but that’s a whole notha’ blog post!

So I booked my $60 roundtrip flight from Chicago via Frontier Airlines. YES, $60! YES, to cheap flights! Please don’t sleep on Frontier’s prices. (If you want to join the affordable flights wave hit me up @[email protected])

I arrived at LAX Saturday night at about 8:00pm. Our first stop in LA was of course TACOS! YES to Tacos! I love Tacos! Only I ended up getting a torta instead of tacos. I do that a lot. I’m so indecisive! Nevertheless, my torta was still amazing. Mexican food is a MUST in LA! A MUST! The food at Tacos Mexico in Downtown LA was to die for and they’re open 24 hours! YES to Good Food! YES to Flexibility!

My Steak Torta! Omgee, I love food!











So after finishing our tacos and tortas we accidently stumbled upon an Art Festival where we guzzled down tequila like it was juice. I love Tequila, it gives us such freedom! YES to Freedom! YES to Good Vibes and Good Drinks with Good People!

Everyone loves Tequila!














On Sunday morning, of course we did Brunch! If you love Brunch and mimosas, Bacari PDR in Playa Del Ray is the place to be when visiting LA. For $20 per person you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited mimosas and the food is amazing as well. I devoured the chipotle chicken wings and noa’s cauliflower. The cauliflower! Omgeee, amazing! YES, to Brunch! YES, to Positive Conversations with Positive People over Good Eats and Bottomless Mimosas!

My Chipotle Wings, Cauliflower, and Mimosa









We spent our Sunday afternoon hiking at Runyon Canyon for FREE! Yes to FREE Experiences! Yes To Taking The Road Less Traveled! Yes To Conquering Your Fears! I’m terrified of heights, but I DID IT! I hiked the hills and I looked down from above the city! What a sight to behold!





Sunday evening we visited Hollywood to star gaze and snack. Dinner at 33 Taps was blah, but of course I enjoyed my company. Seeing the stars on the Blvd reminded me to never stop dreaming and doing. My journey is yet unfolding and my story is far from finished. YES to DREAMS! YES to the JOURNEY! YES, to Being All That You Can Be!




On Monday morning, my last day in the city, we headed to the Venice Beach for sun, fun, lunch, and of course more drinks! Venice was interesting and so full of culture! On the Venice Boardwalk, it’s just different! You have the skateboarders, the musicians, the weightlifters, the beach babes, the artists, the hustlers. It’s just different! YES, to Culture! YES, to being DIFFERENT!










This year remember to embrace your NOW and say YES a tad bit more than you did last year. YES, to surrounding yourself with positive people who want to experience positive things with you! YES, to new experiences! YES, to enjoying yourself! YES, to living life by your own standards! YES, to your ultimate self!

XoXo Love Latiche’

What A Time To Be Alive

Drake & Future tape, “What A Time To Be Alive”, has the Hip Hop scene Boomin’. Some people feel like it could have been better. Others feel that this project is mirroring Jay and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne”  or Birdman and Wayne’s “Like Father Like Son” album. Personally, it seems like in order to make quality music for the fans, you have to collaborate with other artists just to make a classic tape. Each artist can stand on their own without question but does that cause a debate on who is the better artist when they collab? It is similar to the NBA with all these outrageous trades. Prime example, Lebron left for Miami and got two rings with D. Wade and Chris Bosh. He then went back to Cleveland and put up numbers but then lost overall. Can Future or Drake get to the top with and without each other? Both are hot, but numbers don’t lie.

Lupita Nyong’o People’s Most Beautiful Person 2014


Even if you haven’t tuned in to the latest media frenzy, you’ve seen or heard the name Lupita Nyong’o somewhere. Rather being awarded an Oscar for her iconic role in “12yrs a Slave” or gracing the cover of a magazine with her stunning wardrobe, the 31yr old Mexico born but Kenyan native, quick rise to fame is hard to miss! I remember watching the Arsenal Hall show  seeing her for my first time thinking who in the world is the GORGEOUS woman? I was so taken aback I swiftly grabbed my phone to try and Google who she was. Apparently I’m not the only one who had a similar reaction because this past Wed. People’s Magazine ranked her the World’s Most Beautiful Person! The sheer sight of a dark-skin, natural, short hair woman on the cover of a mainstream, pop culture magazine being crowned the world’s most beautiful person brought sincere tears to my eyes. Why? Well because being a woman of color it takes a toll on you to know your beauty is far from societies standard and is often portrayed as nothing more than a sex symbol. In the media, black women tend to fall into three categories the Mammy (a submissive, timid, maid type woman IE The Help), the Jezebel (sultry, sexual, vixen) or the Sapphire (hot tempered, angry every reality star woman!). Lupita speaks for the woman we hardly see; the classy, strong, vibrant, beautiful, talented and more, black woman! Lupita told People that the cover was a, “major, major compliment.” “I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen,” She went on to explain that when she was younger she thought beauty was “light skin and long, flowing, straight hair…subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess.” It was this very thinking that caught the magazines eye, Cagle (the person in charge) said it was the “way she carries herself, with such grace…put her over the top” After seeing her do a speech at the Black Women of Hollywood luncheon about her praying she was light-skinned as a child because she felt ugly, he was compelled to showcase her beauty even stating on the “Today” show there really wasn’t any competition this year.

For me seeing someone who looks like the women I see everyday was empowering! I even went to purchase the magazine because I knew I was witnessing something iconic! If you don’t believe me I did some research on the list’s history, and not to my surprise Lupita is the first dark skin woman since the list began In 1990 to be awarded this title! She is the 3rd black woman following Beyonce 2012 and Halle Berry 2003. If this isn’t enough she also has made history signing a contract with Lancome Cosmetics making her their first black ambassador! Now before anyone goes jumping down my back I want it to be known that yes, I and I’m sure other black women are and were confident in our skin prior to this moment and no, we don’t need societies confirmation that we are in fact beautiful but one cannot deny the sheer joy that ignites in your soul to see that what we have known for centuries the rest of society is finally seeing as well.  So if you somehow managed to miss this beautiful face she’ll soon be on ad’s and commercials everywhere! So again, congratualtions from one sister to another we are proud of you for simply embracing being you!

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