48 Hours in LA: YES to SUNSHINE!

My sorority sister recently moved to Los Angeles to jumpstart her legal career. She’s graduating from Mississippi College of Law this Spring with her J.D. Yay for her, right? How dope! She’s a mom, the owner of this blog, and almost a lawyer! YES, to being dope!

So, my sis texted me literally five days before my trip and asked if I’d like to join another one of her friends on an unplanned trip to LA for the weekend. I really wanted to think twice about it, but I so didn’t. My current read is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (YES, THEE SHONDA RHIMES, GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, #TGIT SHONDA RHIMES) and I’ve been inspired to say YES a little bit more this year. Seriously, this read is life-changing but that’s a whole notha’ blog post!

So I booked my $60 roundtrip flight from Chicago via Frontier Airlines. YES, $60! YES, to cheap flights! Please don’t sleep on Frontier’s prices. (If you want to join the affordable flights wave hit me up @latichetravels@gmail.com)

I arrived at LAX Saturday night at about 8:00pm. Our first stop in LA was of course TACOS! YES to Tacos! I love Tacos! Only I ended up getting a torta instead of tacos. I do that a lot. I’m so indecisive! Nevertheless, my torta was still amazing. Mexican food is a MUST in LA! A MUST! The food at Tacos Mexico in Downtown LA was to die for and they’re open 24 hours! YES to Good Food! YES to Flexibility!

My Steak Torta! Omgee, I love food!











So after finishing our tacos and tortas we accidently stumbled upon an Art Festival where we guzzled down tequila like it was juice. I love Tequila, it gives us such freedom! YES to Freedom! YES to Good Vibes and Good Drinks with Good People!

Everyone loves Tequila!














On Sunday morning, of course we did Brunch! If you love Brunch and mimosas, Bacari PDR in Playa Del Ray is the place to be when visiting LA. For $20 per person you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited mimosas and the food is amazing as well. I devoured the chipotle chicken wings and noa’s cauliflower. The cauliflower! Omgeee, amazing! YES, to Brunch! YES, to Positive Conversations with Positive People over Good Eats and Bottomless Mimosas!

My Chipotle Wings, Cauliflower, and Mimosa









We spent our Sunday afternoon hiking at Runyon Canyon for FREE! Yes to FREE Experiences! Yes To Taking The Road Less Traveled! Yes To Conquering Your Fears! I’m terrified of heights, but I DID IT! I hiked the hills and I looked down from above the city! What a sight to behold!





Sunday evening we visited Hollywood to star gaze and snack. Dinner at 33 Taps was blah, but of course I enjoyed my company. Seeing the stars on the Blvd reminded me to never stop dreaming and doing. My journey is yet unfolding and my story is far from finished. YES to DREAMS! YES to the JOURNEY! YES, to Being All That You Can Be!




On Monday morning, my last day in the city, we headed to the Venice Beach for sun, fun, lunch, and of course more drinks! Venice was interesting and so full of culture! On the Venice Boardwalk, it’s just different! You have the skateboarders, the musicians, the weightlifters, the beach babes, the artists, the hustlers. It’s just different! YES, to Culture! YES, to being DIFFERENT!










This year remember to embrace your NOW and say YES a tad bit more than you did last year. YES, to surrounding yourself with positive people who want to experience positive things with you! YES, to new experiences! YES, to enjoying yourself! YES, to living life by your own standards! YES, to your ultimate self!

XoXo Love Latiche’

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