The Dopest Blogger Alive

I am the Dopest Blogger Alive. I am a conscious blogger. Reading my blog posts will permeate your consciousness.  Here’s a little herstory on me. When I was born my grandma called me Peaches because of the shape of my head and my bright skin color. She also knew that I was going to be sweet. This name followed me my whole life and now almost everyone calls me Peaches. (even my professors) I added juicy to my name. But now that I’m walking fully in my purpose I’ve ascended to Queen Peach. I am a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. was the original blog that started in 2011. I graduated from Jackson State University with a Business Administration Degree in 2012. I graduated from Mississippi College School of Law with my Law Degree in 2017. I am honored to announce that I now have my California Law License. Know that the grind is real! The Juicy Expressions is an opinionated blog site created so that I could express myself and listen to the viewpoint of others. And while most blogs solely focus on celebrity gossip, I desire to hear from the unheard. I’ve always expressed myself in journals and diaries since I was little, so this blog is perfect for me. I believe in those who believe in themselves. So, if you believe in yourself and have a talent or something positive going on, contact me so I can blog about you.

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The common denominator between those who’ve already made it and those on the come up is “the come up”.

The Dopest Blogger Alive

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  1. its wonderful to see a beautiful young lady strut her stuff and be proud to believe in your self, dreams, and inspirations.

    Make it work girl.

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