Negativity Withdrawals: Refuse to Allow Pessimism into Your Consciousness

Late 2016 I came across Wayne Dyer’s Audio Book 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. I have been studying this book heavily ever since and it has helped me attain new heights of blissful peace. Some of the ideas from this masterpiece has inspired many of my newly written blog posts. Today’s post was inspired from the first secret of the book, “Have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing”. During this first secret, Wayne suggested that everyone should “Refuse to Allow Pessimism into Your Consciousness”.

We have made it to the fourth month in the calendar year and it’s time to assess where you are on your positive journey. There is a high percentage of people who decide to abruptly commence a positive lifestyle near the end or beginning of the year. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, a high percentage of those people default their way back into their previous negative lifestyle shortly after beginning their positive journey.

For many, living a negative lifestyle (life of judgment, hateful thoughts, doubt etc)  feels absolutely normal similar to how a high feels normal to an addictive drug user. Just like there are preferred ways to wean from obsessive drug use, there are also productive ways to keep you consistent on a positive path. I am aware that different methods may work for various people but I am certain that after trying the ones that I have provided and those that you have researched, you will attract techniques that are ideal for you.

Acknowledgment & Appreciation

Acknowledge that your path to enlightenment is a process. It will be a journey from having the attitude that life is completely terrible to having the belief that “Life is Lit AF”. (my personal belief and favorite saying :)) Know that it is okay if you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts. (again it is highly unlikely you will be able to fully change overnight) Your acknowledgment of those thoughts is actually a great sign because it reveals your awareness of where you desire to go on your path.

Most importantly, congratulate yourself for trying something new. While it is easy to keep doing the same things that you have been doing, know that life begins outside of your comfort zone. Establish a daily habit of telling yourself that you are doing a good job. This is something that your subconscious will begin to internalize and it will help you feel better about life. Remember that in order to grow you must have self-approval because self-criticism will keep you dormant which is the opposite of what you desire.

Focus & Detox

There are a million & one things to do throughout a particular day so it is easy to dismiss a positive mindset if there aren’t strategic daily reminders set. Daily reminders of positivity will keep you focused on the things that you truly desire to accomplish. Some daily activities that you can engage in include:

Meditation/Positive prayer– There are many ways to meditate but it is best to explore many options until you find what’s appropriate for you. I’ve personally found it helpful to sit quietly in a comfortable setting for a time period of 20 minutes completely staying in the now and releasing all thought. My favorite guided meditations are  Well Being Meditation by Esther Hicks and the Ah Meditation by Wayne Dyer. I’m also a big prayer, however, when praying please remember to pray in a state of positivity, gratitude, and expectation, as opposed to negativity, lack, and doubt.

Reading Inspirational Text-  Reading positive passages daily absolutely keeps me grounded. Some quick and easy things that I read are my daily affirmations. After reading my affirmation of the day I view myself as if I’ve already manifested whatever it is. If you haven’t yet written your own affirmations you can begin by reading some general affirmations or even some inspirational quotes.

I also love to read self-actualization books.  Some of my favorites are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Vortex by Esther & Jerry Hicks, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch etc. Most books have an audio version so being too busy isn’t an excuse. You can listen to the audio version in your car or even while you’re going to sleep because your subconscious will still internalize those ideas.

Get An Accountability Partner 

This process should be a natural one meaning your choice should be someone out of ease. This should be a person who is already where you’d like to be spiritually or someone who individually decides that they too want to begin a positive lifestyle. Just like gossiping is a popular thing to do for some while on the phone, make discussing positive aspects of life a popular discussion. You can encourage someone to take this journey with you but know that you can’t do the work for them. That is why it is best for them to naturally decide a positive lifestyle.

With your accountability partner, you should be able to discuss all of your passions and inspirational goals because there should be an encouraging and accepting vibe between you two. You should be able to challenge each other to focus only on what is desired when one or both is focused on shortage. I have found that having an accountability partner is very helpful and very fun!

Stay Encouraged & Feel Good

Life is not a sprint but more like a marathon. Encourage yourself daily to have a deep appreciation for life. If at first, your gratitude is not natural it will eventually become effortless after making lists of things to be grateful for. Right now you may not be living your ideal life but I guarantee that you can do or have anything that you desire if you believe that you can.

Care about how you feel choose to be optimistic rather than being pessimistic. Ask yourself “Has negativity been working out well for me thus far”? If the answer to that question is no, it is time to try something new and that’s the willingness to live a positive lifestyle.


To feel good is to feel God– Wayne Dyer



16 thoughts on “Negativity Withdrawals: Refuse to Allow Pessimism into Your Consciousness”

  1. Life is a blessing. Appreciate it, love it and live it. My personal positivity favorites are gratitude, acknowledgement, accountability, and daily affirmations. Great piece!

      1. Yep, those botanists will go right on caoirtgezing new plants long after the bullets stop flying. That may lead to the realization that there are two distinct types of plant life on Safehold once the heretical theory of evolution is proposed. Bleek!

  2. I really needed to read this I appreciate you sending this to me. I know some other people that also need to hear this I will pass this forward.

    1. Thanks Naimey I’m glad you enjoyed the post and yes please pass this post along.

    2. What a lovely brunch table. The rose plate you used on top of the place setting ARE really cute.Happy Easter to you and yousu.Hugs,Sre

  3. Amazing post. So inspirational because we do live in a generation where we always think negative and we focus our energy on the negative rather than the positive. GREAT POST!!!

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  4. Just what the Dr. ordered!!! I need to refocus my mind and get back in a positive head space

  5. I needed this!! It confirmed the fact that I should continue to think positively no matter the situation. Great post!!

    1. Min man har redan nu pÃ¥ dag 4 svÃ¥rt att fÃ¥ i sig keson till varje lunch och middag ࢅ kan han byta ut det mot nÃ¥got annat?

  6. I find this very factual. On every aspect of the entire post!!! Crazy thing that most don’t realize is that it is so much easier to be happy(positive) then it is to be negative. Being angry, upset or ect drains your energy like no other. What you feed grows! So you feed your positivity it expands like a rubber band without ever going back to its normal size. You feed negativity and you become that negativity, being in a bitter state and possibly not even knowing it. But, as you said it is very likely for some to allow negative thoughts come about although their trying to be positive, that’s why the renewing of the mind daily is crucial. Detoxing, meditating, and even down to what you are eating goes hand and hand with conforming to a positive mind. You are what you eat so if you are eating junk, junk resides in you until it is released.

  7. Love the post!! I have just started the 10 secrets of success since you wrote about it and I am slowly soaking them in. I must admit that for me I am taking one of them at a time to totally marinate into my being. Thanks for this introduction. I’m excited about the new heights these new tools will bring me to.

    1. Steve, it really is a fun tool.And if you’re doing any kind of collaborative work you can take it one stage further and generate a e62thr1ad’ of voices and comments. There are some great examples on their website.Enjoy!Joanna

  8. Emotions have been described as discrete and consistent responses to internal or external events which have a particular significance for the organism. Emotions are brief in duration and consist of a coordinated set of responses, which may include physiological , behavioural , and neural mechanisms. It has been proposed that negative, withdrawal-associated emotions are processed predominantly by the right hemisphere, whereas the left hemisphere is largely responsible for processing positive, approach-related emotions. This has been called the “laterality- valence hypothesis”.

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