Is Money Needed to Have a Successful Relationship?

Out of 100%, what percent of that is based on finances when it comes to having a successful relationship? I hear a lot of men say that finances should not be a priority in a relationship, while a majority of women are quick to say, “Love don’t pay no BILL’s”. However, it is my belief that financial stability from both partners plays an elite role when it comes to having a successful relationship. I also feel that those who say having money is not an essential part of a relationship, have the word relationship confused with the antonym, “LAYING UP”…Because that’s all both parties will do if there are no funds circulating. What yall think?


To Lurk or not to lurk? That is the question

Okay readers this topic is a huge controversy. Should people go through their mate’s phone? I personally believe that there is no way you should go through your mate’s phone. Where is the trust? Lurking through their phone makes you insecure right? Well I must admit I am GUILTY! I looked through my x-boyfriends phone before. My intent was only to use the phone because my phone was broken at the time, but then I became curious. The infamous quote written by Eugene O’Neil is “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” My heart shattered when I found things in his phone that I didn’t expect to see. There were photos of other women, dirty text messages, and more dirty texts! Eventually I was satisfied and glad that I now knew the truth about my man because I honestly didn’t know that it was like that. But it shouldn’t have taken all of that for me to find out the truth. I would rather have him tell me that he was cheating than for me to find out that way. If I have any doubts in the future even the slightest doubt I will trust my impulses. The hurt that I felt from looking in the phone was so painful that I never want to feel that again. I asked Team Flavor to help me distinguish some pros and cons towards searching through a phone but we came up with more cons than pros.

+ (If they are cheating you will now know for sure)

– (If you get caught lurking and their innocent, they will not trust you)

+ (searching through their phone will reveal their true self)

– (Lurking will get addicting,)

– (now your partner has ground to search your phone)

– (they will keep throwing it in your face when in the middle of an argument)

– (you will be labeled as insecure)

I’ve learned from my past and after reviewing the pros and cons list I don’t want to lurk through another phone. I’m going to trust my intuitions and be aware of any red flags that may occur throughout the relationship. Most likely when you feel like something is not right you are correct.

Some obvious red flags that your mate is talking to others are

  • Flips the phone over after texting and  receiving text messages
  • Takes the phone everywhere with them, even to the bathroom
  • Flips out if you slightly touch their phone

Okay readers what do you choose? To lurk or not to lurk? Choose your destiny!

 -Juicy Peach