Food Stamp Nation

I was browsing the web when I fell across an article on yahoo via Reuters by Kristina Cooke entitled, “USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?” While her focus was on the growing concern of how in the world can the gov’t afford to fund this program with the current state of the economy, I was stuck on the fact we’re becoming a food stamp nation. Many of us know someone on food stamps or use to be. Just as many aspects of life society has this distorted image of the people reaping the benefits of the program. One being the young single black mother of 5 in flower flip flops, old dry weave, and tats all over. Sadly, this is true for some but if you’re like me you’re more likely to know the crowd of hungry college students in Wal-Mart swiping that good ol card. Maybe the gov’t doesn’t do a good job at screening its applicants or the unemployment rates are taking their tolls but for whatever reason behind this new “food stamp nation” the article had some shocking facts that can’t be overlooked ….

  1. 46 MILLION PEOPLE (15%) are currently on food stamps in the USA
  2. 74% increase of people on food stamps since 2007

How much is this costing the USA? 68 BILLION In 2010 to be exact! We have to do something! Yes there are those people who are abusing the program and “milking” us for what it’s worth but what about those individuals really trying to do better and are just stuck? What can people as an individual and we as a nation do to climb the social ladder and minimize the use of this program?

-Sunny D

5 thoughts on “Food Stamp Nation”

  1. Well to be direct what is the comparison to how much the government has paid its officals, judges, presidents, congressman/woman, senators, military, security, and the rest of the staff? Hunger is hunger it does not matter where it comes from. Why compare what you are doing for one and not the other? Let the government pay ther trillions of debt before trying to take from the hungry. Because society places so much value on JOBS that they make up for themselves instead of the people breathing the same air, there will always be imbalances.

  2. As a former card swiping hungry college student I remember the importance of having that money for food. I also remember how difficult it was to “come off” the help and realize how much food costs. My friends and I have “good” jobs and still talk about how good we ate in college and how much we “miss dem stamps”. Say you have a family and are getting $300/month and you are just below the max income for stamps. You’re offered a pay increase which would put you above the max. Most likely the pay increase is not more than the $300 in stamps you loose and not to mention the subsidized housing, childcare, healthcare, etc you were signed up for. If you’re smart you don’t take it right? Yep, now you are stuck like chuck and will never have a higher income right?? WRONG, because you’re smart and know exactly what to do for more money….have MORE kids that will themselves apply for subsidies in 18 years.

    1. I agree Margaret I am currently on food stamps right now and I’m thankful! If I didnt have them, I would be struggling. Real Talk

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