Lil Wayne How To Love

I’ve been a Wayne fan for a long time and I must say that I enjoy his  real/sensitive side. Usually he’s saying things like “I might go crazy on these n****’s I dont give a motherf*** Run up in a n**** house and shoot his grandmother up, what” lol. But on how to love he’s speaking about compassionate things that make you think about how to really love. This video is juicy to me, but what do ya’ll think Juicy or Dry? {Carter 4 coming soon!}


-Juicy Peach

4 thoughts on “Lil Wayne How To Love”

  1. Very juicy! I feel that it stirs up thoughts and emotions which is what good musc does. (Btw: hi peaches! Lol)

  2. Juicy. i like that “how to love ” has chord structure. so much radio music isn’t “music”, its just noises and synthesized drums, but this one is different.

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