The Adjustment of Lil Boy Black {Clew’s New Video Premiere}

Earlier today, Little Rock’s very own newly notable hip-hop artist Clew, symbolizing his birth name Christian Lewis premiered his new song/video “Lil Boy Black”. The reaction from his faithful fans were more than rewarding but the developing views from this video, created an anticipated buzz that resulted in new followers. I had the opportunity to speak with Clew before the release of his new video to ask him a few questions.

TJE: What is the name of the project that this song will appear on?

Clew: The project name is actually still up in the air. This song was supposed to be on a project entitled “Champagne Brunches”, but the vision for that project changed. “Lil Boy Black” will be released on a small EP alongside a few other singles that I’ve put out this year.

TJE:When did you write this song and was there a personal inspiration behind it? 

Clew: I wrote this song after a situation that took place in my life. One of the lil homies accidentally killed his friend trying to be “hard”.  I also wrote the song for everybody that has witnessed this take place. Maybe in their neighborhood or even on the Internet. But I had to shed light on how destructive and deteriorating we can be toward ourself.

My first thoughts on seeing this video was Earth Wind and Fireeeee! LOL. For those who personally know me, that simply means it was a dope video. It was great witnessing Clew’s vision for this video come to light. I feel that this song is a good view point for others who are easily acceptable to peer pressure. Make better decisions before it is too late. Check out his new video below and comment your thoughts. So far this video has 1,326 views on Facebook please share with everyone you know to support Clew.

7 thoughts on “The Adjustment of Lil Boy Black {Clew’s New Video Premiere}”

  1. Say CLEW major props on the visual bro. Let’s bring this Art of Storytelling to life…the story how we used to kick it. How just being ourselves and kickin fly ish was just the way we kicked it. Nun more, nun less!!! Its time!!!! ¥€$!!

    Its Only 1 Eazaaaaaaay!!!

  2. Clew keep spitting that fire!!!! I love it!!! Great song and video…. Keep it going which I’m you will!!!

  3. His talent cannot be denied! Wow! I am proud of you Christian. And with everything that is going on this song most definitely resonates with our community. Love it!

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