Dread Interview

 Juicy Peach: Explain your love for music?

Dread: Music is so powerful. Almost bigger than religion. A classic will be played 100 years from now and the feelings will still be there.

Juicy Peach: When did you first decide to become an artist?

Dread: Probably 11th grade of high school in La, I was in this rap group called gooniez. We did local talent shows and after a year we all decided to go solo.

Juicy Peach: Are you still cool with the members?

Dread: Yeah some of them.

Juicy Peach: How did you come up with your name?

Dread: I looked up the definition of dread and it said to be cautious of someone. It fits me with my music. To dread me is to know that my music goes hard. It has a double meaning. Many people only assume my name comes from my hair.

Juicy Peach: What are your music goals for 2011?

Dread: For 2011 I plan to drop 5 music videos. Big videos. I plan to release crayons my new mixtape September 11, at least that’s the plan. I want to start tour in December. My biggest goal is to be on xxl top 10 freshmen. Everything is planning out how I wanted it to.

Juicy Peach: What can you bring to the music industry?

Dread: Money will never get into the creativity of my music. A lot of people creativity and music is influenced by money. When money starts to get into the way of your music things will start to go wrong. I will never at one point put money into the creativity of my music. I will always talk to my fans like I’m normal. Cause I am normal. The only difference between me and my fans is that I’m on TV. I told my mom when I get on I want her to be in charge of my finances. I don’t want her to tell me how much I have. I just want to know that we’re good.

Juicy Peach: Who is your favorite artist?

Dread: As far as creativity I mess with two people and that’s kid cuddi and kanye west.

Juicy Peach: What artist would you like to work with most?

Dread: The first person I would like to work with is Jill Scott as far as a dude goes I will work with Wale.

Juicy Peach: Who is flight league? How did that begin?

Dread: Sophomore year at JSU I needed to create a team of people that was self made, a team where we didn’t have to hit up other people to get photo shoots, graphics, or beats. I wanted to show young people like me that there is talent out there. Flight League is the reason why I came this far. When I get on the labels can’t tell me shit. I have my own team. Really, labels want to see that. I have a producer, photographer, graphic designer, and other artists that I’m trying to come out with. 70 percent of flight league is from Chicago.

Juicy Peach: I know that you are focused but explain your love life. Are you single? In a relationship?

Dread: Well I’m single right now Jackson doesn’t really give you a big choice. The  reason why I’m single and so focused is because when I get on the real test to find love will begin. I’m looking forward to the challenge of peeping out whose real and who’s fake. And who will love me generally or who’s looking for the money. Lol I want to see if I can handle it.

Juicy Peach: If you could be any color crayon out of the 24 box what color would it be?

Dread: I would be black because black defines the lines. It’s such a strong color, nothing can overpower black

After this intriguing interview Dread blessed me with a sneak peek of his new song titled unfaithful. Unfaithful is not released yet but will be when it is ready.

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  1. Nice interview…. I watched his The Letter video the other day and i was really feeling it. It’s great to have a chance to get to know the artist behind the music. Keep it up! You got a fan in me! And by the way, where can i get Dread songs?

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