What A Time To Be Alive

Drake & Future tape, “What A Time To Be Alive”, has the Hip Hop scene Boomin’. Some people feel like it could have been better. Others feel that this project is¬†mirroring Jay and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne” ¬†or Birdman and Wayne’s “Like Father Like Son” album. Personally, it seems like in order to make quality music for the fans, you have to collaborate with other artists just to make a classic tape. Each artist can stand on their own without question but does that cause a debate on who is the better artist when they collab? It is similar to the NBA with all these outrageous trades. Prime example, Lebron left for Miami and got two rings with D. Wade and Chris Bosh. He then went back to Cleveland and put up numbers but then lost overall. Can Future or Drake get to the top with and without each other? Both are hot, but numbers don’t lie.

One thought on “What A Time To Be Alive”

  1. I feel both of these artist will remain at the top as they change their styles to fit the grove of the beat. When listening to the lyrics drake connects to the down to earth part of himself that we all can relate to. That’s what makes the hit feel like you wrote that yourself.

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