Sharing The Dream or Sharing The Lover?

Senator Powers wrote an autobiography revealing her affair with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

i shared the dreamIn her new autobiography Senator Georgia Davis Powers reveals her life story. One of trials, triumph, and if you ask me she reveals some scandals as well. As the first black and the first woman elected to the Kentucky State Senate, where she served from 1968 to 1988 she paved a path for women to step into politics. Her contribution to the civil rights movement stretches far and wide but why did I say scandalous? Well, she also dives deep revealing she was involved in an affair with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. going as far to say she was with him the night before his assassination. Wow, you may be asking why now? She’s 90yrs old and now she decides to write a tell all? Well Senator Powers affair has been rumored for years and I guess like anyone sometimes you just want to set the story straight no matter what your age is.  But is this something you should just take to your grave? Powers says whatever relationship she had with King fell into the “stolen-moments” category. “King was neither the love of my life nor anyone I would have particularly wanted to marry.” From her accounts they met in 1964 on one of his visits to Kentucky, when she was assigned to greet him at the airport. She doesn’t really state why they began the affair except by saying she was entering midlife and feeling unattractive, and he asked to see her. She says their affair was an open secret in his inner circle. She also says the night prior to his assassination he’d asked her to come to Memphis and as she fixed her hair in the mirror of their motel room she heard a shot on the balcony and ran out and saw him “lying in a pool of blood that was widening as I stood there staring.” Ohhhhh weeee juicy! Now while this book is not centered on her affair, it definitely is bringing in the attention. Attention I’m sure she had in mind when she used a picture of them as the cover! Backlash? Well some of those people she claim knew about the affair have came forth and called Powers a bold face liar while others say she is in fact telling the truth. To me Senator Powers side chick role shouldn’t take away from her accomplishments but is interesting to see such an accomplished woman sharing a dark secret that will forever alter her reputation in not just politics but society. Yes, I know Dr. Martin Luther King is still a man and human who isn’t above the lure of temptation but some idols you just rather pretend they are “perfect” in their political and personal lives. I know one thing it sure does seem to be the era of side chicks! Seems like everywhere you turn if it isn’t a true scandal, a TV show, or song, side chicks are being mentioned everywhere. What do you think? Is this book disrespectful? Did she share the dream or did she share the lover?


-Gorgeous Grape


7 thoughts on “Sharing The Dream or Sharing The Lover?”

  1. This is crazy juicy to me! but she could have shared the dream BUT OBVIOUSLY SHE SHARED THE LOVER! First off I am proud of Senator Powers’ accomplishments with being the first black and opening doors for women in general. She set political standards for many people to meet. However speaking on the late reveal, I’m asking why now as well? After all of these years that you could of revealed that you were sleeping with Dr. King Jr. you choose to do it now. I’m not judging her character as a senator or as a woman at all but I don’t agree with the reveal. she stated that he was not the man she was in love with or the man that she wanted to marry so with that being said she should of took this to her grave. it seems as if she wanted attention to get her book sales up. I know that when money is in your face people tend to make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make but sometimes its best to do what’s right and let stuff be. and gorgeous grape you are correct this is the side chick era!! it seems as if side chicks are getting praised these days. BUT NO MATTER WHAT Martin Luther King Jr. did behind close doors I still love him and im thankful for what he did for ALL of us. You cant take away all the good that someone has done just because they occasionally do something that you don’t agree with. so with that being said we shouldn’t judge Senator Powers either because we didn’t walk in her shoes.

  2. This goes to show a man going be man…..there is no hope LOL…… No really I’m trying to figure out why she would reveal this secret now. Maybe it was weighing on her conscious and she didn’t want to take it to the grave or could it have been a business move to increase sales. I feel what better time than now. The Sideline women are being put a high pedestals, getting the rings, and society is becoming more acceptable of their role (so all are these woman). But I love that Senator Powers reveals that she was suffering from low self esteem. I believe that any woman that is okay with being #2 has to have to low self esteem. Senator Powers just wanted to be love even if it was from a married man, a man she didn’t love or see as marriage material. I feel like neither one of their legacies will be tarnish. They have done so much for Women and the African American community. Just goes to show that they were human in the end of day.

  3. Ooooweeeee juicy! I think she got offered bread to talk! Honestly, I believed she was the side chick. Mrs. Loretta was not there every step he was taking so I am bit surprised. He was still a human being. It should not take away from their political reps but I do see the issue. Side chicks been playing a valid role.

  4. I question if it’s even any truth to the so called “affair” I’d have to read this book, however I agree with Peaches. What’s done behind closed doors doesn’t change the good that came from Dr. Kings movement!

  5. I have heard rumors of Dr. King having an affair before Senator Powers recent tell all. And as it was stated before Coretta was not with Dr. King on every venture he partook, so I guess a man will fulfill his needs as he sees fit. This, however, in no way changes my view on Dr. King because I am grateful for what he has done for us. I do believe that she was given money to add this section in her book. If he wasn’t a lover of any sorts, then the information of what was done behind closed doors shouldn’t have been of any importance to reveal. Bottom Line

  6. This is so juicy I think I’m drunk. I am definetly torn with what occurred but why reveal now? I think the cover of the book should have only had her on it. If you don’t want people to only focus on this one issue that’s over 30 years ago why kick it off like this? She was waiting in the wife to pass? My cup is for surely running over.

  7. I read the book in it’s entirety some years ago. In the chapter that she revealed the affair, the verbiage wasn’t distasteful or worded in such a way as to discredit Dr. King. There were various commentaries about their relationship throughout the years after his assassination and I guess that she wanted to dispel non-factual information and set the record straight. Nevertheless, they both contributed much to impact society positively and should be remembered for the contributions and not their shortcomings.

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