Do You Treat Yourself How You Want Others To Treat You?


I began treating myself how I wanted to be perceived and the world had no choice but to follow suit. -The Dopest Blogger Alive

How nice are you towards yourself? Do you criticize yourself daily or do you often tell yourself that you are doing a wonderful job? Growing up it is likely that you have heard the statement “Treat others how you want to be treated”. I am a supporter of this wise saying but I also believe in the opposite, “Treat yourself how you want others to treat you”.

Answer this question, “how have you been treating yourself”?

When you criticize yourself you attract criticism from others. But when you provide self-approval you will attract praise from others. So many people desire to be loved by others but they are depriving themselves of unconditional self-love. There are people who want others to forgive them of the wrongdoings that they have caused others, but those people haven’t forgiven them self first.

Several people aspire for others to treat them with high respect but those same people allow and treat their self with disrespect. I hear a lot of women talking about how they want a man to view them as a queen or Goddess but some of those same women view their self as not enough, looking through the eyes of lack. Alternatively, there are a lot of men who say they want a “real” women but their inner makeup isn’t filled with “real” matter. Like are you prepared to stop your characteristic trait of dishonesty to even realistically co-exist with a real woman?

Let me get back to the point LOL.

Is it really logical for us to expect others to hold us up in high regards when we are continuously vibrating in the lower playing field?

If you are not treating yourself how you want others to treat you, then you are being a contradiction. It is not someone else’s job to give you self-esteem. Self-esteem can only be achieved through the practice of loving SELF unconditionally. It is your job to view yourself how you desire to be. You have control over the way others treat you but you must begin with focusing ONLY on yourself.

Here are 3 efficient ways to enhance your self-appreciation:

1.  Release the need to judge yourself

This may be a difficult thing to do at first because you were probably raised to be hard on yourself. However, understand the difference between discipline and self-downing. (Major Difference) Don’t judge your self for anything that you do because it is counterproductive and it will only make you feel worst. Acknowledge those things that you are doing that you don’t like only for awareness because if you are conscious of them it is likely that you will not intentionally do it again. If you are continuing to do things that you know is not good for you that’s because you have not yet learned the lesson that you are supposed to learn. Trust me you will learn it eventually. But the point here is DON’T JUDGE.

2.  Visualize and Create

Visualizing and creating is pretty much the same thing because when you are visualizing something whether it is positive or negative you are creating. Since you are now aware of this, use visualization to your advantage! Take a few minutes each day to visualize the exact life that you want. Visualize how you want to be perceived in this world. Visualize more love around you. Visualize yourself living your best life! Whatever it is that you want start visualizing it now. You can also do this in others ways including drawing out pictures, dressing up and taking pictures in front of the company that you desire to work for, sitting outside of the exact house that you want to buy etc. Make your visualization process a fun one and start watching your visions unfold before your eyes. Remember you have to be that which you want to become!

3. Self Praise

I think all 3 of these tips are super lit but this tip right here tho  #LIT!!!!!! Go super hard for your self!!!!!!! Self-praise is the best praise! Do those mirror talks and speak words of beauty to yourself. Tell yourself daily that you are doing a great job! When something upsetting happens, be nice to yourself about it. Be your own best friend! Make a habit of giving yourself great energy and your resilience will strengthen. Don’t wait for others to appreciate you start appreciating yourself and the others will fall in line! Think of yourself as a seed. Choose exactly where you want to be planted but most importantly feed yourself with patience and sunlight. As you begin to blossom into a beautiful flower please remember that flowers do not compete to grow or exist. They find their sunlight and even share the water for nourishment. They always find ways to shine.

So my final question to you is, “Are you treating yourself how you want others to treat you?” If the answer to this question is no, acknowledge it and begin where you are now to make the appropriate changes. You will find that once you begin implementing those new changes other people will start treating you accordingly and its because they will have no choice. When you begin vibrating higher you will attract people on the same playing field. Love you all.


10 thoughts on “Do You Treat Yourself How You Want Others To Treat You?”

  1. Great advise. I recommend people read this that struggle with varying personal issues.

  2. This was a great post! We do need to all value ourselves more. Sometimes we have to battle the self criticizing voices we have in our head.

  3. This post speaks volumes. Some people are so caught up on what’s going on In society, they forget about loving themselves correctly.

  4. Love you Peachy Pooh. Great and inspiring post. I plan to consciously visualize a little more each day.

  5. Totally agree with this post. Most important part to me was self praise because if you don’t acknowledge how great you are; how can you expect that from other people?

  6. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Trying to bounce back to being myself after creating new life has been hard and I’m constantly down on myself, looking for others to life me up when all the while I need to do it myself and others will fall in line. Dope read!!! The change in me starts NOW

  7. This post is D.O.P.E!!!!!!! Indefinitely!! Everyday I am in alignment with enlightenment. I am learning situation by situation..moment by handle myself with grace. To handle myself with love and know that my pace is the right pace. Yes, I treat myself how I want others to treat me and it has been reflected in my day to day life. All around me are mirrors, even strangers are my reflections because they gravitate to my energy like a moth to a flame. & my energy simply just says BeYOUtiful and that is reciprocated more now than ever, because I’m much more conscious of the way I handle myself. #ILOVEMYCELLF

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