Stay Humble, Hustle Hard

FullSizeRender-1“Stay Humble, Hustle Hard 24/7”, are wise words that can be beneficial to all mankind if truly lived by. 29-year-old Dominic Cranford is the CEO of Stay Humble Hustle Hard with J.Skyy being the face of the brand. This clothing brand was launched in March 2014, and was immediately embraced among many, especially in Jackson, MS. When I first saw this brand, I was unaware of the creator. However, I knew it was dope and I could immediately relate.

There is other apparel that exists with this same slogan but this particular brand really caught my attention. Whenever the CEO/creator of a company tats the company’s mission statement on their body, you know its gotta be real! When I met Dominic, she possessed a pure spirit and her humbleness was apparent. I will always support a movement that contributes true value towards uplifting the human species.

You can never go wrong by staying humble while simultaneously hustlin` hard for your desires. Whenever someone looses their humbleness, they loose themselves as a person. I’ve witnessed many people who’ve struggled with the reality of being highly successful while trying to remain their original modesty. I consider this clothing line the people’s brand because it represents a growing class of people. Check out the interview I did with Dominic below and comment your thoughts on this brand/lifestyle. Do you think that you’re capable of loosing your humbleness? What are some tactics to forever ensure one’s humbleness?

CEO of "Stay Humble Hustle Hard" @shegotgame100
CEO of “Stay Humble Hustle Hard” @shegotgame100
The Face of the Brand @skyysohigh
The Face of the Brand @skyysohigh

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2015 MTV Video Music Awards

There were many losers and winners at this years VMAS as there is every year because many artists are nominated for each category but there can only be one winner. This also goes for the fashions that graced the red carpet this year…..many losers. Is this a circus or an award show? I could not tell the difference. I will just say that I have seen circuses more elegant and stylish than Sunday nights award show.

We will start with the losers, the many losers 🙁

For starters, The BIGGEST loser, Miley Cyrus. As if her hosting the award show wasn’t enough torture. I cringed at every single outfit change. It is understandable that she desires to differentiate Hannah Montana from her true self, but the craziness overshadows the real beauty and talent Miley possesses.


More Fashion Losers

Kim K
Kim K
Justin Bieber


Amber Rose/Blacc Chyna
Amber Rose/Blacc Chyna

I do not consider anyone a winner this year, but if I had to pick it would be Britney Spears. This may be a sympathy vote because I grew up a huge Britney fan and I am glad to see her healthy and happy. Her physique is looking great, giving the old Britney a run for her money.


More fashion “Winners”

Nicki Minaj


Rita Ora
Rita Ora

Serayah McNeill

Serayah McNeill

The Look for Less


Here are just a few of my recent favorite celebrity looks for the Spring/Summer along with some Looks for Less that I put together.





















I love this Kim K look for those cool, rainy days some of us may be experiencing. Also a jump start to Fall 2k15. Kim’s out may be very expensive but with a few basics you can achieve this look.


For Less: Black hoodie Rag and Bone $128 Black Top Shop jeans $70 Steve Madden shoes $100 sunglasses $11

<BlackHoodie>  <jeans> <shoes>






“Got Spirit?”





































I consider Tia Mowry a fashion underdog. She always has a fresh, new look. Not sure what to wear to that game day date? Check out Tia’s spirited look.


For Less: Favorite sports team tee Black Top Shop jeans $70 Charles David pumps $99 Sunglasses $11

<jeans> <shoes>< sunglasses>
















“CiCi in the City”





















































I wish I could have Ciara’s legs for less, but her outfit will have to do. Simplicity and comfort are always a girls best friends, especially during the warm seasons.


For Less: Top Shop hat $60 Shift dress $30 Top Shop sandals $85




































<hat> <dress> <sandals>