The Four Letter Word

There are only two emotions that we experience in this world as human beings. It’s called the four letter word. L.O.V.E. or F.E.A.R.  These two are the main titled emotions. Underneath each of them there are subtitles such as happiness, peace, joy, jealousy, hate, and envy. Everything that is positive usually falls under the love category. Every negative emotion comes from fear. Fear keeps us from having the things that we really want. It is the number 1 attracter towards the things that we don’t want. Many use fear as an excuse. Most people desire to be loved. Whether they admit it or not, this is true. We all want someone to love us and to be there for us. But on the surface we stunt like we don’t need anyone. We say things like, “Well I don’t need a relationship because it always ends with scars and heartbreaks”. That statement is untrue and said strictly out of fear. The real statement is that you desire a relationship but you’re afraid to be a cooperative component because of fear. Love is the strongest emotion one can experience. Love is a high that when felt makes you feel as if you are in a fantasy. Fear is also a strong emotion but it takes more energy to be negative than it does to be positive. We were born into this world through love and as we grow up we learn about fear and start to stray away from love.


Love is a healing factor. It is known that love can heal each and every situation. God is love. What is love can’t be fear. Therefore you are loved because you came from source. Love is a natural emotion that you were already born with. Observe the next baby you come across, you will see that they are filled with love. They have no worries or fear. They are not criticizing themselves saying that they’re not pretty or their nose is too big. They simply love themselves and others. They become fearful when they watch others around them react with fear. We need to get back to the days when we didn’t worry and we trusted that things will work out for us.


Fear is what causes the things that you don’t want. Fear causes unwanted sickness and pains. Fear keeps us from going to pursue the career, relationship, home, or better life for ourselves. Fear causes us to choose what the world wants us to do over what we feel inside for ourselves. Have you ever been surrounded around so much negativity that you became drained? We think that we are protecting our selves when we react with fear in our life.  The true reality is we are only making maters worst. We are perfect the way we are because we chose who we are. I’m sure every human has fears. My goal is to release all my fears that I hold because I now realize that it is only delaying me from my prosperity.

I understand that it may be hard to stay positive all the time. The more we try the easier it will be. Imagine your universe exactly how you want it to be. Don’t base it off fear. Release the need to say that you don’t want something that you really want because you’re afraid of the ending results. I choose L.O.V.E.  Which one will you decide to live for? L.O.V.E. or F.E.A.R.?  Express it!

-Juicy Peach

Lil Wayne How To Love

I’ve been a Wayne fan for a long time and I must say that I enjoy his  real/sensitive side. Usually he’s saying things like “I might go crazy on these n****’s I dont give a motherf*** Run up in a n**** house and shoot his grandmother up, what” lol. But on how to love he’s speaking about compassionate things that make you think about how to really love. This video is juicy to me, but what do ya’ll think Juicy or Dry? {Carter 4 coming soon!}


-Juicy Peach

Food Stamp Nation

I was browsing the web when I fell across an article on yahoo via Reuters by Kristina Cooke entitled, “USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?” While her focus was on the growing concern of how in the world can the gov’t afford to fund this program with the current state of the economy, I was stuck on the fact we’re becoming a food stamp nation. Many of us know someone on food stamps or use to be. Just as many aspects of life society has this distorted image of the people reaping the benefits of the program. One being the young single black mother of 5 in flower flip flops, old dry weave, and tats all over. Sadly, this is true for some but if you’re like me you’re more likely to know the crowd of hungry college students in Wal-Mart swiping that good ol card. Maybe the gov’t doesn’t do a good job at screening its applicants or the unemployment rates are taking their tolls but for whatever reason behind this new “food stamp nation” the article had some shocking facts that can’t be overlooked ….

  1. 46 MILLION PEOPLE (15%) are currently on food stamps in the USA
  2. 74% increase of people on food stamps since 2007

How much is this costing the USA? 68 BILLION In 2010 to be exact! We have to do something! Yes there are those people who are abusing the program and “milking” us for what it’s worth but what about those individuals really trying to do better and are just stuck? What can people as an individual and we as a nation do to climb the social ladder and minimize the use of this program?

-Sunny D

Is Money Needed to Have a Successful Relationship?

Out of 100%, what percent of that is based on finances when it comes to having a successful relationship? I hear a lot of men say that finances should not be a priority in a relationship, while a majority of women are quick to say, “Love don’t pay no BILL’s”. However, it is my belief that financial stability from both partners plays an elite role when it comes to having a successful relationship. I also feel that those who say having money is not an essential part of a relationship, have the word relationship confused with the antonym, “LAYING UP”…Because that’s all both parties will do if there are no funds circulating. What yall think?


To Lurk or not to lurk? That is the question

Okay readers this topic is a huge controversy. Should people go through their mate’s phone? I personally believe that there is no way you should go through your mate’s phone. Where is the trust? Lurking through their phone makes you insecure right? Well I must admit I am GUILTY! I looked through my x-boyfriends phone before. My intent was only to use the phone because my phone was broken at the time, but then I became curious. The infamous quote written by Eugene O’Neil is “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” My heart shattered when I found things in his phone that I didn’t expect to see. There were photos of other women, dirty text messages, and more dirty texts! Eventually I was satisfied and glad that I now knew the truth about my man because I honestly didn’t know that it was like that. But it shouldn’t have taken all of that for me to find out the truth. I would rather have him tell me that he was cheating than for me to find out that way. If I have any doubts in the future even the slightest doubt I will trust my impulses. The hurt that I felt from looking in the phone was so painful that I never want to feel that again. I asked Team Flavor to help me distinguish some pros and cons towards searching through a phone but we came up with more cons than pros.

+ (If they are cheating you will now know for sure)

– (If you get caught lurking and their innocent, they will not trust you)

+ (searching through their phone will reveal their true self)

– (Lurking will get addicting,)

– (now your partner has ground to search your phone)

– (they will keep throwing it in your face when in the middle of an argument)

– (you will be labeled as insecure)

I’ve learned from my past and after reviewing the pros and cons list I don’t want to lurk through another phone. I’m going to trust my intuitions and be aware of any red flags that may occur throughout the relationship. Most likely when you feel like something is not right you are correct.

Some obvious red flags that your mate is talking to others are

  • Flips the phone over after texting and  receiving text messages
  • Takes the phone everywhere with them, even to the bathroom
  • Flips out if you slightly touch their phone

Okay readers what do you choose? To lurk or not to lurk? Choose your destiny!

 -Juicy Peach